Time To
               KISS THE AQUATIC LIFE

        The pages below take you off the boat
                              and into
              LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE

                   BICYCLE TOURING
                Exotic Land Falls

1200 mile BICYCLE TOUR OF JAPAN 2006.   Lucky we had our GPS and Japanese Mapples with latitude and longitude.  To find out how two cruisers managed to navigate dinghy size BIKE FRIDAY'S in a country where streets have no names, sport drinks are called 'Pocari Sweat' and how Gayla finished the land circumnavigation 'single handed' by biking the last 300km with a broken arm.......CLICK HERE
1000 mile BICYCLE TOUR OF USA from Oregon to Arizona 2008. Monsoon season was approaching Asia, gas prices were rising in the USA, and the economy was taking a turn downward.  How could we visit our families and not buy, rent or borrow a car?  "You will come up with some crazy idea" Steve challenged.  Our bikes had been stored in their suitcases in the dry bilge of s/v Ariel since we returned from our 3 month bike trip in Japan.  Anxious to get back in the saddle, especially after the long Sail Indonesia and Malaysia Rally we peddled the next two months across 3 states, from the sea to the desert CLICK HERE