WELCOME ABOARD                                                                                60' MORGAN  SCHOONER

For those we have left in our wake or those interested in a cruising lifestyle, we invite you to follow us on this journey of adventure and adversity, challenge and discovery.




  Cruisers are a strange lot!   In many cases they have given up everything they have known.... home, jobs, security....then cramming themselves into these small sailing crafts, spend hours working on projects to keep it afloat for the security of knowing it is all that keeps them alive.
  Then they set out across vast oceans for the purpose of adventure......basically going where the  wind blows with no set time frames.  After all....this is what cruising is all about.
   So why then would any of these, supposedly independent, self reliant, hard-working, hyper vigilant, resourceful, compulsive obsessive individuals with a marked propensity toward risk taking, be joining a RALLY with over 110 others of similar likeness?  We were about to find out!



Captain Steve                                            1st Mate Gayla

Ariel is a 60 foot Morgan, modern rig equal mast schooner.   She was commissioned in 1982 for the America's Cup races then sailed for years in the Virgin Islands.   Now privately owned by captain Steve Reinken and 1st mate Gayla Phelps, they have sailed her together through the Mediterranean, Red Sea and four transatlantic crossings.   Arielís Logs begin when she set sail once again from Florida in May 2001 to close the circle on a circumnavigation.   She continued on through the Western Caribbean, transiting  the Panama Canal then across the South Pacific to Australia and on to SE Asia in the last 14 years.


 2009 we Jump Ship and head into the Himalayas.  S/v Ariel's projects were put on hold for the 2010 season but for one 1360nm sail to Kota Kinabalu Borneo where she will remain for the rest of this year.  We will be back and catch up on those projects and sailing adventures.  Cruising is like that...going with the flow.