Singapore was a sensory overload after the remote villages and culture of Indonesia.  Known as the cosmopolitan 'Gateway between East and West', it is a mix of indigenous Malay, third generation Chinese, Indian and Arab immigrants with multi religions of  Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim.   Malay is the national language but English is the spoken language.  Suddenly we were buzzing around on fast efficient mass transit systems and feasting on a variety of ethnic foods in clean fast food cafes, communicating in a familiar language while overdosing on the sights and sounds of a modern first world city. 

Singapore sculpture


Civic and business center at night

 Modern Singapore is rated as the most business friendly economy in the world.  

Almost everyone headed for Sim Lim Square known for the latest up to date and cheap electronics.

The shops and streets were cool, spotless and efficient.  The  metros took us zipping from Chinatown to Little India and suddenly we were in a different world.

Singapore Chinatown


         Little India

Singapore has a population of 4 1/2 million.  Now separated in both the Raffles Marina or the new One Degree 15, it was amazing to run into our fellow cruisers in this collage of cultural diffusion. 


        1 1/2 Singapore Dollars = $1.00 US

We shared the S$60 customs check in fee with two French boats ending up costing us each only $20S.  Cost per day for Ariel's slip was S$57 and an extra three days free if we stay one week.  Our final bill was S$700 including customs and S$45 for electric for 11 days stay, about $500 US total.

Meeting up with s/v Four Star, s/v Brother Wind,
and s/v Papillion
on the docks at Raffles Marina


Gayla's 60th Birthday party was conveniently planned to coincide with the big evening Gala Dinner at Raffles Marina. Marsha s/v Strider and John s/v Blue Moon of OZ, also fellow Librans,  joined in and made it a great afternoon swim party with four cakes appearing on the scene. 

The girls do a water ballet in the hot tub.
Ruth s/v Icicle, Betty s/v Sundance, Kathy s/v Briana and Gayla s/v Ariel

The gang at One Degree 15 toted their dress clothes to Raffles for the big Birthday bash in the afternoon then stayed for the evening venue. 

 Gayla and Hillary s/v Moon River, enjoy a big fashion faux pas wearing similar South Pacific sarongs.

Raffles Marina Gala Dinner

The last cruiser dinner was held on Oct. 31st at Raffles Marina bringing the Indonesian Rally together for one last formal event. 

  A toast to women sailors...................

Sue s/v Tandem, Kathy s/v Sunflower,
Eve  s/v Malinda

                           Dave-Dave-Dave and Dave.   All the Dave's in the Indonesia Rally

One Degree 15 Marina


New and ultra modern One Degree 15 Marina, with it's Lucite pool, is a contrast to Raffles Marina  more colonial style and friendly atmosphere.   Prices at One Degree were cheaper with shuttles closer to the city but Raffles was easy to get to town by free shuttle to Boon Lay mall then metro passes for $15.S on the fast metro.

Raffles Hotel

And who would come to Singapore and miss out on the old colonial side of it's charm with a Singapore sling at the opulent Raffles Hotel?  Cost of one drink is $14US.  They serve 2000 a day!!


Old Raffles Hotel at dusk

Gayla and Steve enjoying a Singapore Sling
at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel

 Raffles Colonial courtyard

There is more to do than shop and eat in Singapore and we found two favorite excursions.  The
Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park both a MUST while visiting this exciting, alive vibrant city.



    Lucy s/v Gentle Lady



Singapore's night Safari is a fun ride in an open air bus through a zoo full of animals running free and un-caged.  ($30S) 

Many of the nocturnal animals are awake and moving about, some very unusual species unfamiliar to those from the other side of the world. 



The Jurong Bird Park was an all day event and well worth the time.


The park had open aviary's, bridges and balcony's for viewing the birds at eye level.   



      Marsha and Dave s/v Strider
    getting a birds eye view at Jurong

Many of the birds come from Borneo and are almost extinct.  Never had I seen such beautiful and unusual birds anywhere in the world.  Jurong is a magnificent Bird Park, one of the best!!


There were strange and unusual birds and a surprise lizard on the walkway

The grounds were beautiful and cool with controlled thundershowers and rainfall in special areas.


Our 11 days in Singapore were full of fun and excitement roaming the streets and malls spending way too much money and eating way too much food with lazy days in the pool and nights in the hot tub. Perhaps it was the thought of the impending journey that had everyone living every moment to it's fullest.  It was time to move on. 

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