Map and Route

The Indonesian archipelago stretches 5000km along the equator  with over 18,000 islands and a population of 227 million

It took 3 months to sail 2,500 nm from Darwin Australia through Indonesia to Singapore attending 13 rally functions along the way.


       We entered Indonesia at Kupang West Timor, after crossing the Timor Sea NW of Australia, then sailed a northeast direction to the island of Alor just off the tip of East Timor.   Continuing on in a westerly direction we stopped on the island of Lembata before continuing on to Flores. This is the area known as East Nusa Tenggara. 
      The arid, hilly terrain gave way to the more vegetated Flores then on past numerous volcanoes in Sumbawa and Lombok known as West Nusa Tenggara to the tropical island of Bali.   From here we sailed north to Kalimantan to see the  orangutans in the wilds of Borneo.  Our last island in Indonesia was our check out point on Belitung island off the Sumatra coast before a final gathering in Singapore.     
      In Singapore we join up with the Sail Asia rally for another month from Singapore through Malaysia.  Starting July 21st from Darwin and ending in Langkawai Malaysia Dec. 1st we would sail a total of almost 3,000nm.    

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