Rally Information & Tribute

Goal of the Rally:  To open up remote areas of Indonesia to the maritime industry.

To promote a navigational route from Darwin Australia via the Indonesian Archipelago through the Malacca Straits before ending in Langkawai, Malaysia. 


Rally History:  In 1999, on going civil unrest in Ambon caused the Darwin to Ambon Yacht Race to be cancelled after 22 years. 

   The intention then was to arrange events that would take yachts through Indonesia and on to Malaysia and Thailand.  The first port of call was Kupang then with the intention of raising awareness to the eastern part of Indonesia; the town of Kalabahi Alor organized a cultural festival to coincide with the arrival of the yachts in Kupang.  The rally then changed from its original concept of being a race, to include many other destinations throughout Indonesia. 

   By 2006 the rally included Kupang, Alor, Lembata, Ruing, Makassar, Bali, Karimun Jawa  and Kumi Borneo.  By 2007 more stops were added including Maumere, Ende, Labuan Bajo, Lombok, and Belitung. 

    After clearing Indonesia at Belitung to Singapore the rally became Sail Asia with destination of Langkawai Malaysia seemingly joining the Indonesia Rally to Singapore and Malaysia via the Malacca Straits.  Thailand is set to join in next.

    It is difficult to arrange regattas and rallies across international borders.   There are representatives in Indonesia and Malaysia both with the intention of keeping the rally as a fun, non-profit event to continue to promote tourism in these countries.   There was a $450Aust. ($360US) charge for entering the rally with most of that for the cait or cruising permit for Indonesia.  Rally events in Darwin consisted mainly of an information day at Crowne Plaze Hotel and a farewell BarBQ at the Darwin Sailing Club.  



Raymond T.Lesmana +62811124574

Email: for Indonesia


Mr. Sazli Kamal Basha

Email: for Singapore to Malaysia


For contacting organizers






Nautical Miles:

Darwin to Kupang Idonesia:       472.0nm

Kupang Indo. to Kumi Borneo  1340.8nm

Kumi Borneo to Belitung Indo    274.0nm

Belitung Indo. to Singapore         392.2nm


Total Darwin to Singapore         2479.0nm


Singapore thru Malaysia              

With Sail Asia Rally                      482.6nm


Total Darwin thru Malaysia

with Sail Indonesia & Sail Asia Rallies  2,961.6nm


                                                      Tribute to Sail Indonesia and Malaysia

A merry band of Sailors are we

Who joined the Indonesia Rally

There were monohulls and catamarans,

A power boat or three

Who left Darwin for Langkawi


We were treated like Royalty

in every town and village on the way

With singing and dancing and food galore,

we learned the local folk lore

and vowed to come another day


Many adventures were had by all

Most were good, but not all

bouncing along on dirt tracks for hours and hours on end

Beaching your dinghy on rocky shores with surf rolling in,

Bouts of Bali Belly after sampling local fare

These were some of the things we shared


We experienced wonderful sights and sounds

Flora and Fauna did abound.

Holding hands with orangutans and watching monkeys play,

Seeing beautiful tropical fish and coral gardens sway,

Having Komodo dragons, your dinghy they employed

these are some of the wonders we enjoyed.


Many days were bright and clear,

with waters calm and blue,

Dark clouds would form and winds would blow and anchors start to drag.

Thunder boomed and lightening struck, lighting up the sky.

Instruments fried, my god I'm doomed, Oh what a fright.

These are some of the scary nights.


Singapore was such fun

so much shopping to be done.

Radios and TVs, computers galore.

GPS, radars and electronic stores

Provisioning, repairing gear, shops abound

A place where everything can be found


Malaysia has really been a treat

Again more food than we can eat,

Navy escorts thru the night, nets to dodge and currents to fight.

Touring Malacca and KL, what wonderful places to be.

The cable care ride to mountain top, a breathtaking view to see.

These are moments that mean a lot to me.


Alas our time has come to an end.

We will really miss our friends

A special thanks to Raymond and Dewi, Sazli and Hadib,

They were very wonderful indeed.






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