Lumut was a first time venue for the rally and we got a royal welcome.  We had a small 'rehearsal' on how to act before meeting the 'royalty'.  Sultan Raja Muda of  Persk arrived with a police escort and full entourage by the Royal Malaysian Navy, his servants shadowing him from the fierce sun with a yellow umbrella, yellow being the royal color. 

Sultan Raja Muda was very friendly and spoke perfect English being educated in a NY university in the USA.   He spoke to each of us individually and had quiet a sense of humor. 

We were also presented with necklaces while an honor band played, the national flag raised and  then we listened to several speeches all of which we could understand being in English.   

After the ceremony we were invited to a lovely luncheon on the marina veranda.  While we were expected to dress appropriately for 'royalty' most cruisers are not in possession of proper foot wear so most ended up wearing their long dresses with 'croc's' the latest in rubber foot wear. 


A royal Gala Dinner was again in order this time at the Orient Star Hotel.  The Sultan was there to present us with a few gifts and a speech.  It was a fun evening with dance and fantastic food!

              Royal Gala Dinner                   Di s/v Ameonitas         Steve s/v Ariel & Sultan Raja Muda

s/v Saint Cyprien

Jean Claude & Monique

s/v Virus en mer

Micheal & Melanie

   The French cruisers were always at every function representing their country with dignity

Beautiful air conditioned buses were furnished to take us on a day tour around west Malaysia in the Perak district.  We stopped at a Sea Shell museum, the Teluk Batik Snorkeling Park, an idea of one of the earlier Sultans, where locals were learning to snorkel.  The Muslim girls always cover their heads with scarves even while snorkeling. 


Scarf covered Muslim girls learning to snorkel


The tour included a lunch at the Asean House, a factory and shop that make all kinds of man made medals.  Some of the medals made for 'royality' were very beautiful and intricate. 

Lunch of delicious local dishes

Hand made medals


The gold domed white IsKandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar is the official residence of the Sultan of Perak.  It sprawls majestically across verdant gardens at the top of Bukit Chandan hill.  It's structure reflects Moorish influence with the characteristic golden domes.


Istana Kenangan was originally, built as a temporary mausoleum for Sultan Iskandar Shah but now has been converted into the Perak Royal Museum that exhibits the personal collections of the sultans who once govern the state of Perak.   The building was completed in 1931 and is considered unique for it's design as its construction  is without a single nail.   The facade of the walls are made of bamboo with diamond shaped plaits while the roof is said to inherit the styles of the five ridges and made of wooden planks.


Speaking of palaces we were welcomed aboard s/v Matariki, one of the three motor sailing vessels on the Rally and home built by it's owner.   Rena and Tom were one of the most gracious hosts always opening there boat and hearts to fellow cruisers.  Having one of the best 'dance floors' also helped to enjoy many fun parties. 


Raina and Capt. Tom s/v Matariki from New Zealand.         The captains all congregated at the helm

   s/v China Grove              While the girls congregated around the jewelry       s/v Cat'chus

        We had more fun with the Kiwi's and Aussie's, their hospitality and wit were the best, not to mention the best parties.  Tom of s/v Matariki invited a few of us to tour the Lumut River and enjoy a few bottles of champagne.  While the stress of the Malacca Straits was behind us we were beginning to relax and enjoy. 


Sandy s/v Cat'cus enjoys a cold bubbly while Gayla s/v Ariel drinks a bit much and gets a little too bubbly.

Sandy's husband Julius s/v Cat'cus is pleased to have survived the Malacca Straits and gives a grateful smooch to Neptune's wife.

The Lumut harbor in front of the yacht club was a good anchorage despite the many ships coming in and out of the river.  We were starting to come down off the high tension of maneuvering in the Malacca Straits and unwinding in typical sailor style.  But the best was yet to come!!!
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